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Why Boxed or Bag-in-Box Wine? | Wine Packaging | Calmus Machinery

Why Bag-in-Box (BiB) or Boxed Wine?

Preserve Freshness and Taste Even After Opening
The wine inside a conventional glass bottle can remain fresh only a couple of days after it is opened, but the Bag-in-Box packaging allows the wine stay fresh up to 6 weeks after opening. Why? It is because almost no air no oxygen comes into the bag when dispensing. It thanks to the flexible and airtight packaging. Different from a bottle or any other hard packaging, a bag can replace the reduced volume by shrinking itself instead of letting air getting in after dispensing.

Minimize Wine Waste
Unfinished wine left in bottles will be discarded in most cases as its taste is going to change very soon, but this will not happen to Bag-in-Box packaging. Bag-in-Box packaging reduces waste and promotes full use of the product, which is an advantage for most consumers.

Easy Transport, Lower Transport Cost and Enable E-Commerce
Glass bottled require more secondary packaging to protect from breakage during transport. Bag-in-Box reduces risk of damage in transit. Besides, the volume one 3 litres Bag-in-Box contains is equal to that 4 x 750ml bottles contains, but the Bag-in-Box is much lighter than 4 bottles, which dramatically reduces transport cost.  Easy transport and lower transport cost make it friendly to e-commerce.

Easy to Use
Easy to open and dispense. Convenient and portable.

Highlight Your Brand
Unique package design is possible for Bag-in-Box packaging and it highlight your brand on the shelf.

Various Filling Machines for Wine Packaging from Calmus Machinery
Both semi and fully automatic Bag-in-Box filling machines are available at Calmus Machinery for packaging wine. As an option for wine packaging, each of the filling machines can be built with vacuumization and nitrogen injection functions, which can extend the boxed wine shelf time.

Double-Head Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF102 for Wine
Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF102

Fully-automatic Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500 for Wine
Fully-automatic WEB Fed Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

For more details, please visit Calmus Bag-in-Box Filling Machines.

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