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Bag-in-Box - An Ideal Packaging Alternative for Edible Oil | Calmus Machinery

Bag-in-Box (BiB) packaging gains foothold in some of the largest wine-drinking regions like Europe and North America. The benefits of Bag-in-Box are many folds. The most important one is keeping the content fresher for a longer period after opening.

Bag-in-Box packaging has been introduced to more and more products in food and beverage industry. Edible oil is one of them.

Light, heat and oxygen are three enemies of edible oil, especially extra virgin olive oil. When it has prolong and constant contact with any of these, the extra virgin olive oil will go rancid or become bad very soon.

When we pour out edible oil from a conventional packaging like bottles and tins, an equal amount of air will go into the bottle. Exposure to oxygen in the air, rancidity starts to develop and the oil sensory properties quickly and significantly decline.

Bag-in-Box packaging solves two of these problems – Light and Oxygen.

The bag and its corrugated cardboard provide double protective layers for any possible light penetration to the edible oil.

When edible oil is being dispensed from a bag through its tap, the bag collapses instead of allowing air getting in the bag to balance the air pressure. It thanks to the flexible property of bags. This way keeps the air away from the edible oil.

Keep Freshness and Flavour Even After Opening
Bag-in-Box can keep the freshness and aromatic flavour of edible oil consistently over a longer period of time than the conventional packaging like a bottles or a tin, in particular once it has been opened.

Bag-in-Box preserves the quality and extends the shelf life of edible oil. It protects the oil from exposure to air and in-contact with oxygen upon opening.

Reduce Storage and Transport Cost
Bag-in-Box can reduce storage, transportation and shelf space significantly due to its rectangular shape. It means that less energy is required to provide customers your valuable product. Besides, flat packing of the unfilled bag-in-box package further optimizes your transportation costs saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Highlight Your Brand
The face of the box maximizes package graphics and visibility for retail applications. It highlights your brand on the shelf.

Bag-in-Box Edible Oil

Filling Machines Available at Calmus Machinery
1. Ultra-clean non-aseptic Bag-in-Box filling machines
Fully-automatic Bag-in-Box Filling Machine for Edible Oil
Fully-automatic WEB Fed
Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

The above is one of our featured filling machines - the Fully-automatic Bag-in-Box Filler BIBF500 and it is fed with precut continuous WEB type bags. Lower-cost semi-automatic filling machines with single head, double heads or more heads are available at Calmus Machinery too.

2. Aseptic Bag-in-Box filling machines
Fully-automatic Bag-in-Box Aseptic Filling Machine for Edible Oil
Fully-automatic WEB Fed
Bag-in-Box Aseptic Filling Machine ASP-BIBF100A

The above ASP-BIBF100A is also a fully-automatic aseptic filling machine for Bag-in-Box and fed with WEB type bags. We also manufacture semi-automatic filling machines with single head, double heads or more heads.

For more details, please visit Calmus Bag-in-Box Filling Machines.