Monday, 14 October 2019

The NEW Fully-automatic BIB Filling Machine | WEB Fed Bag-in-Box Filler BIBF500

NEW Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500
The NEW Fully-automatic
Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500
Drawing of NEW Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

Calmus Machinery launched the 3rd generation of fully-automatic Bag-in-Box filling machine BIBF500 two years ago and now it has been introduced to nearly all of our orders instead of the 2nd generation. Different from the previous version, the exit of filled bags exit of new Bag-in-Box filling machine BIBF500 was designed on the different direction - directly on the other end of empty bags entry and also on taller height. The changes make the filling machine match our carton packaging line better. Besides, the previous version works by cutting bags apart before filling, but the new filling machine works by cutting bags apart after filling and capping, which makes it easier for users to fill different sized bags.

Our Bag-in-Box filling machine BIBF500 is especially for filling 3-25 litre spout-prepared bags with a wide range of liquids like drinking water, post mix syrup coke, edible oil and beverage. It features fully-automatic by employing PLC and touch screen control system. The whole process of continuous bags feed, decapping, vacuumization (optional), nitrogen injection (optional), filling, capping, cutting apart from continuous bags and transiting to the conveyor can be completed automatically, no human operation required.

This machine can cap various spigots including Vitop and Scholle's. It is designed with CIP (Clean in Place) function and circuit connection.

1) Fully-automatic, continuous WEB type bags fed.
2) Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.
3) Self-test and protecting function.
4) An electromagnetic flow meter system employed improves filling precision and truly achieves the quantitative filling.
5) Grade 304 stainless steel body and 316L stainless steel fluid-contact parts.
6) Filling a different capacity bag acceptable only by changing the setting.
7) Perfect spout clamping system ensures reliable running of the machine and meanwhile no damage to the bag spout.
8) Options of vacuumization and nitrogen injection available for specific products use.

Applicable bags: pre-cut continuous module or WEB type bags, spout-prepared, 3-25 litres.
Filling capacity at the feed flow of 10T/H:  
510 bags/hour for 5 litres,
400 bags/hour for 10 litres,
270 bags/hour for 20 litres.

1. Automatically feed bags.
WEB Bags Feeding of New Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

2. Automatically decap, fill, cap and then cut apart from the continuous bags.
Bag Filling of New Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

3. Automatically exit filled bags.
Filled Bags Exit of New Bag-in-Box Filling Machine BIBF500

Fully-automatic. Grade 304 stainless steel construction and grade 316L stainless steel fluid-contact parts. World first-class key components. This Bag-in-Box filling machine is designed and built with great reliability and durability.

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