Monday, 20 September 2021

Why Bag-in-Box (BiB) or Boxed Spring Water Better if 10 Litre or Bigger?

Bag in Box Spring Water

Preserve Freshness After Opening
The spring water inside a conventional plastic bottle can remain fresh only a couple of days after it is opened, but the Bag-in-Box packaging allows the water stay fresh up to 6 weeks after opening. Why? It is because almost no air no air comes into the bag when dispensing. It thanks to the flexible and airtight packaging. Different from a bottle or any other hard packaging, a bag can replace the reduced volume by shrinking itself instead of letting air getting in after dispensing. Besides, water is protected from light during the entire storage period.

Minimize Water Waste
Unfinished water left in bottles will be discarded in most cases as its taste is going to change very soon, but this will not happen to Bag-in-Box packaging. Bag-in-Box packaging reduces waste and promotes full use of the product, which is an advantage for most consumers.

Lower Storage Cost for Production
Fold-flat cartons and empty bags reduce your storage dramatically and save your cost.

Easy Transport and Lower Transport Cost
Compared with round bottles, more cuboid boxes can be loaded and transport cost be saved. 

Easy to Use
Easy to open and dispense. Convenient and portable.

Highlight Your Brand
Unique package design is possible for Bag-in-Box packaging and it highlights your brand on the shelf.

Various Filling Machines for Spring Water Packaging from Calmus Machinery
Both semi and fully automatic Bag-in-Box filling machines are available at Calmus Machinery for packaging spring water.

Semi-automatic filling machines:

BIBF101 Single-head filler for Bag-in-Box Spring Water
BIBF101 Single-head Filler
for Bag-in-Box Spring Water

BIBF102 Double-head filler for Bag-in-Box Spring Water
BIBF102 Double-head Filler
for Bag-in-Box Spring Water

Fully-automatic filling machine (WEB-fed):

BIBF500 WEB-Fed Filler for Bag-in-Box Spring Water
BIBF500 WEB-Fed Filler
for Bag-in-Box Spring Water

Fully-automatic filling and packaging line:

Fully-automatic Filling and Packaging Line for Bag-in-Box Spring Water
Fully-automatic Filling and Packaging Line
for Bag-in-Box Spring Water

Saturday, 18 September 2021

An Affordable Packaging Solution to Start Up Bag-in-Box Business

Find a semi-automatic bag-in-box filler to fill your product liquid or fluid in spout bags and then package them with cartons manually, which can be an affordable packaging solution to start up bag-in-box business. However, you still need to find a reliable and durable semi-automatic bag-in-box filler even though it is a start-up filling machine. Firstly, a non-strike filler can satisfy your customers' target delivery time, establish a long-term relatioship and meanwhile help them grow to be potential big customers. Secondly, a good bag-in-box filler can be resold and even at a good price when you want to replace it with a bigger-capacity or fully-automatic filling machine. 

The semi-automatic single-head filler from Calmus Machinery can be a good option for you. Its building is even better than some EU-made fillers, but the cost is affordable.
Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box Filler BIBF101
Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box Filler BIBF101

1) Compact and aesthetic design.
2) It is designed for food packaging, so all the product-contact parts except the flexible pipe are made grade 316L stainless steel. The frame is made of 304 stainless steel.
3) FDA approved flexible pipe and made in Italy.
4) Siemens PLC and touch screen.
5) Endress+Hauser electromagnetic flowmeter, made in Germany. Endress+Hauser is a world top flowmeter manufacturer and their products are used normally by only first world leaders in different industries.
6) FESTO pneumatic components.
7) Other components from Germany or Italy.

A mobile liquid feeding system is also available at Calmus Machinery. Grade 304 stainless steel frame and storage tank. The feeding flowrate is adjustable. You can order one if you fail to install a pipe from your existing production to the filler. We can integrate both together and make your installation simple and easy.

Mobile Liquid Feeding System
Mobile Liquid Feeding System

You also can choose a fully-automatic bag-in-box filler if you have an enough budget.