Thursday 1 December 2022

BIBF600 Filling Machine Bag-in-Box Filler

It is a fully-automatic and web-fed bag-in-box filling machine made in China. This bag-in-box filler is designed for filling 2-25L spouted bags with a wide range of liquids. This bag in box filler is especially for food packaging and widely used for packaging drinking water, fresh milk, edible oil, liquid egg, post-mix syrup and beverage. The fluid-contact parts except the flexible filling pipe are made of grade 316L stainless steel. The flexible filling pipe is made in EU and FDA certifed. Certainly this filling system also can be used to package liquid soap, motor oil, desiel exhaust fluid (AdBlue/DEF), engine coolant.

This bag in box filler is fed with pre-cut continuous module bags. The whole process of bags feed, decapping, vacuumization (optional), nitrogen injection (optional), filling, capping, cutting apart from continuous bags and transiting to the conveyor can be completed automatically, no human operation required. This filling machine is designed with CIP (Clean-in-Place) function and pipeline connection.

Fully-automatic Wed-Fed
Bag-in-Box Filler BIBF600

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