Thursday 30 March 2023

Cobot Palletizer | Collaborative Palletizing Robot

This China-made collaborative palletizing robot (robotic palletizer) is a type of industrial robot that is designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace. It is used to automate the process of palletizing, which involves arranging and stacking boxes or other items onto pallets.

Cobot Palletizier Collaborative Palletizing Robot
Cobot Palletizier
Collaborative Palletizing Robot

Unlike traditional industrial robots, which are usually enclosed in cages to protect workers from their movements, collaborative palletizing robots are designed to operate safely alongside human workers without the need for safety barriers. They use advanced sensors and algorithms to detect the presence of humans and adjust their movements accordingly to avoid collisions or other safety hazards.

Collaborative palletizing robots can help improve productivity, reduce workplace injuries, and free up human workers to focus on more complex tasks that require creativity and problem-solving skills. They are widely used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Power supply: 3 phases, customized voltage
Playload: max. 15 kg (=33 lbs)
Palletizing capacity: max. 5 boxes/min

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