Sunday 3 March 2024

Case Packer Pouch Cartoning Line for Packaging Doypacks

Case packer machine cartoning line for pouches. This case packing system is designed for packaging liquid doypack bags with carton boxes. This China-made form-load-seal pouch packaging line includes a case former, a pouch loader and a case sealer. 

Applicable pouches: no more than 1 litre or kilogram doypacks
Functions: forming cases, loading pouch and sealing cases
Cartoning capacity: 110 pouchs/min
Air supply: 6-8 bars
Power: 8 kW

Case Packer Cartoning Line for Doypack Pouches
Case Packer Cartoning Line for Doypack Pouches

Case Packer Cartoning Machine for Doypack Pouches
Case Packer Cartoning Machine for Doypack Pouches

Packaging Line for Cartoning Doypack Pouches
Packaging Line for Cartoning Doypack Pouches

Case Packer Machine Cartoning Line for Pouches
Case Packer Machine Cartoning Line for Pouches

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